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AQUA SEA[L] PRO C-FLEX - for sea water

AQUA SEA[L] PRO C-FLEX Concentrate is a water based antifouling treatment being developed for aquaculture cage nets. AQUA SEA[L] PRO C-FLEX Concentrate offers the possibility of designing your own antifouling by diluting the concentrate to your own specifications.

The high solids content allows you to add more active material and encapsulate the fibers better than with traditional antifouling.

AQUA SEA[L] PRO C-FLEX Concentrate treated nets promote good fish health by maintaining clean cage nets which ensure a good supply of oxygenated water and elimination of wastes from the cage area. At the same time the treatment reduces the operational and service costs due to a reduction in fouling.

  • Provides extended life of the net
  • Resists marine growth soft and hard
  • Excellent adhesion to most net types – nylon, polyester and dyneema
  • Friendly to the environment, by employing a polymeric resin matrix for controlled leach rate AQUA SEA[L] PRO C-FLEX 

Net treat with AQUA SEA[L] PRO C-FLEX