Dry drum
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Dry drum

The Dry Drum is designed for tumbling up to 200m net pr. Day combined with the indoor Net Station. The system can easily be programmed to different drying intervals. In one end of the drum is there an 800mm hole for blowing in dry air from the drying system.

The drum rotates 360 degrees spindle, which takes up to 200 square meter net on the drum. This drums technique replaces earlier outdoor up -heng which needed natural drying.

The design is strong and long-lasting with a minimum of maintenance. We deliver the Drum systems with electric power, complete with control steering system. The operator can easy run the Dry drums together with the winch. The Dry drum system are connected to the Absorption dryer, which constitutes the unique efficient drying process.

Product specifications:

  • Size of the drum – W= 6500mm x L= 8000mm
  • Power/Effect – Electric 2x4 kW
  • Material – Mild Steel painted
  • Capacity – Max 200m net
  • Rotation – 2 turn /min.