EasyDip 800Ws
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EasyDip 800Ws

Fully automatic immersion

With the EasyDip 800Ws fully automatic immersion there is no manual handling of the fish. The EasyDip 800Ws secures a gentle vaccination process.


  • No manual handling of fish
  • Connection directly to the fish grader
  • Gentle vaccination process
  • Optimal use of vaccines
  • Low fish density on a mobile display
  • The immersed volume of fish is automatically weighed and displayed
  • Weight is displayed on a mobile display
  • Less handling and stress on fish
  • Rinse water is reused all the way to the fish tank
  • No loss of feeding days

Fish size: 1-10 grams

Fish capacity: max. 5-7 kilos/minute

Water capacity: max 30 litre

The EasyDip 800Ws is produced by Rossi Denmark.

Semi-automatic Immersion 800:

The picture below shows the outlet drain. The pipe has to be in a vertical position when changing the bucket.

Fully-automatic Immersion 800Ws:

Outlet drain is replaced by the automatically weighing system. This system makes the machine fully-automatic.