EasyNet 150Hz
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EasyNet 150Hz

Fully automatic anaesthetization

EasyNet 150Hz is contructed ad a basic machine where it is possible to add on a dewater system in order to operate the system fully automatically..


  • Easy handling of fish
  • Less heavy lift
  • Built-in oxygen diffuser
  • Adjustable anesthetic time – 0-100 s.
  • Adjustable output time – 0-15 sec.
  • Adjustable pump time – Extra equipment
  • All in stainless steel
  • Available in 2 sizes – wide 90/60cm
  • Equip with rubber air wheel
  • Fully-automatic anaesthetize of fish

The custom made wing removes the water from the fish and lift them so they glide directly onto the handling table on the vaccinations machine.

Fish size: 20-1000 grams

The EasyNet 150Hz is produced by Rossi Denmark.

On request it is possible to attach a fish pump to the EasyNet 150Hz.

As a special equipment you can order the Dewater system to as on you fish pump.