EasyVac - Flat
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EasyVac Flat

Automatic vaccinating by injection

The EasyVac Flat is designed as a module system which means that it can later be upgraded to a 2 stantions machine..


  •    Vaccinate from 2 to 125 grams
  •    Laser adjusted Injection point
  •    Capacity: 2000 - 4000 fish per hour
  •    Labour-saving vaccination
  •    Adjustable injection, angel and depth
  •    Working height adjustment
  •    100% Counter, total and single stations
  •    Protects user from self injection
  •    Vaccines dose control
  •    Module System - 1 or 2 stations
  •    1-2 persons per machine

The machine can be custom designed on request to fit just your needs.

The EasyVac Flat is produced by Rossi Denmark.

Adjustment of working height:    Min 80-cm Max 110 cm

                                                              (higher by order)

Overall dimensions                         W:120 x L:155 x H:160 cm

Vac-stations are adjustable in x, y, & z angel:

X – Longitudinal direction

Y – Cross direction

Z – Depth

Needle in length – 10-30 mm

Injection angle – 10°-80° degrees