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The ”Impregnator” is the most effective anti-fouling system for fish farming nets. The system gives the operator control of the antifouling process, and the time management is only 2-3 hours at 8 cycles in the process, against manually work of 10 man-hours per cyclus. The Impregnator is built to be an easy tool for anti-fouling of fish farming nets. The interface is easy to understand and after a short training any operator can use it. The vacuum unit with the PLC cabinet is the heart of the system. It has an easy operated touch screen in the front which shows the programmed receipt and the parameters during antifouling process. The system contains one major liquid ring pump of 7,5 kW with a capacity down to 97% vacuum. The saving of anti-fouling liquid and man-hours consumption approximately up to 20 % on average production. Increased capacity and cost saving of liquid makes this product to a good investment.