Net Dryer
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Dryer MC-50

A new equipment with high efficiency, designed for professional users. Easy to install, just adapting your dryer room.

Based on a new concept of drying nets, without using gas, allowing a huge energy saving.

Powered by electricity – Kw 27,5 max power per machine.

Current dryer systems work by introducing hot air into the dryer room, with an increase of the level of humidity this process lengthens the dry time with a relevant cost to keep the dryer room at temperature for hours.

Dryer MC-50 is a machine equipped by a special heat recovery system that allows to keep material dried with an energy efficiency more than conventional system based on hot air.

Temperature and humidity controlled at each level. Easy to operate. Control panel with a manual and automatic device transmission. Low level of maintenance.

The low temperature environmental does not affect the net texture, either in nylon or polyester.