Net washer
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CARE - Net Washing Machine

Strong, Reliable, Capacious and Above All Cost – Effective

The net washing machine is for all kind of fishing nets and it is the result of the requests expressed by a number of farmers to have a strong and reliable tool that can cover large quantities in terms of both time and workforce necessary to the cleaning of nets for cage farming.

Product specifications:

  • Each machine has an inlet for clean water and an outlet for waste water.
  • The washing time is approx. 60-120 minutes.
  • Each machine has a speed control unit.
  • The machine has an ability to use both sea- and fresh water.
  • The power supply is 380V and the rotation of drum is powered by a gear and chain system.
  • The water capacity for washing is 3-4 tons.
  • Sizes from 10-60 m3