Waste Water Treatment System
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Waste water treatment system

Our main purpose is to reuse the water after treatment from washing machines used for washing fishing nets.

All waste water from the washing machines will be screened by a Rotating Drum Screen. That means all sea shells and solid particles greater than 3mm in diameter will be removed. Then the waste water flows to the oil trap and then the equalization basin. The equalization basin is continuously mixed by a diffuser system to prevent sedimentation and anoxic conditions.

The chemical treatment system will be constructed as a packed system made in steel. It will be placed on a platform and it will operate automatically.

The units and equipments are listed below:

  • Rotary Drum Screen
  • Oil and Grit Removal Basin
  • Equalization Basin and Pumping Station
  • Blower of Equalization Basin
  • Flocculation Tank
  • Coagulation Tank
  • Chemical Preparation Tank
  • Coagulation and pH Adjustment Tank
  • Wastewater Lifting Pumps
  • Aeration and Diffuser System
  • pH Control System
  • Filter Press
  • Lamella Plate Clarifier
  • Chemical Dosage Pumps
  • Flocculation Tank Mixer
  • Coagulation Tank Mixer
  • Chemical Preparation Tank Mixer
  • Coagulation and pH Adcustmant Tank Mixer